Shuttle's Mini PC Systems Offer Astounding Power In Minute Packages

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: global1.shuttle & geeky-gadgets
Shuttle has introduced an exciting new range of five highly slim mini PC systems that are designed to support a wide variety of computing projects from a package that is so small that you have to see it to believe it.

Each of these new mini PC systems measure only 39 mm in terms of thickness. Despite their diminutive size, they are packed with a veritable array of highly powerful computing components. They come fully powered by sixth generation Intel Core Skylake processors that work in conjunction with a memory slot that can support up to 32 GB depending on the variant chosen by the customer. Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI ports and USB 3.0 ports make these devices conducive to connectivity.

Ultimately, this mini PC system shows that innovative engineering makes it possible to enjoy supremely powerful computing from very small devices.