The MSI 'Cubi 2' Windows Mini PC Can be Upgraded Easily by Users

 - Feb 24, 2016
References: eu.msi & geeky-gadgets
Technology always has the threat of becoming obsolete, but as consumers seek out more value from their purchases brands are responding with products like the MSI 'Cubi 2' Windows mini PC. Designed to be upgraded either immediately or down the line, the MSI 'Cubi 2' mini PC comes packed with a processor like the Intel Core i7-6700T.

The system comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows 10 Home Edition and either a solid-state drive or a traditional hard drive to suit needs or budget preferences. The small form factor of the MSI 'Cubi 2' Windows mini PC enable it to be placed almost anywhere and even carried with the user.

The energy efficient PC will begin shipping as of March 2016.