This Computer Chassis is Fitted With Colorful LED Lights

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: thermaltake & techpowerup
If you take a good look at the computer chassis of any desktop computer, you'll notice that they're most likely either plain black or plain white in color, which is hardly eye-catching. Thankfully, Thermaltake is giving computer makers the opportunity to add some zest to their creations by making use of the Versa C22 RGB Snow Edition computer tower.

This particular computer chassis does feature a white body, but it's colorful thanks to the inclusion of an array of LED lights that run across the front panel. What's great about this lighting system is that it can be controlled and manipulated to the individual tastes of the user.

This colorful computer chassis is a great example of high-tech aesthetics being applied to a computer component that was always accepted and assumed to be plain and boring to look at.