From Handcrafted Video Games to VR Gaming Cafes

 - Jul 23, 2016
Many of the top July 2016 gaming innovations were recently announced at this year's E3 event, which included new kinds of controllers, video games and consoles. Some of the most interesting announcements at the expo included 'Pokemon Go' being introduced as a mobile game that combines augmented reality and wearables and 'The Breath of the Wild' being designed as the largest open-world environment in the Zelda universe to date. PlayStation also showed off its innovative VR Aim Controller, which is set to grant players even greater control and immersion in first-person shooter games.

New gaming formats are also being introduced that blur the lines between tangible gaming toys and digital experiences. For instance, the 'Smart Letters' from Marbotic are like high-tech alphabet blocks that interact with tablets, while the 'Deux Ex' arm from Open Bionics gives players in-game superpowers.