'Vocal Warrior' is a Real-Time Fighting Game That Uses Voice Control

 - Jun 14, 2016
References: kickstarter & gamasutra
'Vocal Warrior' is a Kickstarter-funded game that allows users to guide characters through dynamic fights using nothing more than their voice. With the rising popularity of VR technology, this video game give players a new way to immerse themselves in a fantasy world.

Vocal Warrior was designed by the Chicago-based firm Centaurs Technologies and draws inspiration from Apple's voice-activated technology Siri. The game is a real-time fighting adventure that follows the story of Marco Polo's descendant as he trains as a KungFu master in China. As players progress through the game, they can use voice commands to cast spells, learn new skills and acquire weapons. The technology is so advanced that it will even pick up the sound of the user's voice in noisy environments.

Unlike other mobile games, Vocal Warrior's voice recognition features gives players a more immersive gaming experience.