The Tencent TGP Box is Designed Specifically for the Chinese Market

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: tencent & extremetech
Within the past year, China has lifted the ban that exists on game consoles, so new products like the Tencent TGP Box computer console are starting to pop up. Designed as a computer that operates as a gaming console, the Tencent TGP Box runs Windows 10 and helps to make the transition from PC gaming, to console gaming less shocking for Chinese gamers.

The Tencent TGP Box comes at a pivotal point for the Chinese market as consumers are now able to purchase and play video game consoles as they wish. However, the ban has left many brands unable or unwilling to update their existing technology for the Chinese market, so new consoles specifically for the industry are being created.

The Tencent TGP Box gaming computer console is expected to feature Intel integrated graphics cards.