The 'Tactera' Game Applies Holographic Visuals to a Tabletop Gaming Scene

 - Jun 2, 2016
References: tacteragame
Tactera is a supremely immersive VR game, developed by noted developer E McNeill of Darknet fame, that takes a well thought-out holographic visual game and applies the gameplay strategy to a tabletop environment.

This VR game takes place on a large game board that allows you to move units much like chess pieces to make your plays and destroy your enemies. Depending on how you fare in each of these small battles, you can advance to different regions of the game's map and spread your dominance.

With the increasing proliferation of VR technology, there's no question that VR games are set to represent the future of the gaming world. Tactera plays on this, by using the wonders of holographic themes to offer an immersive virtual reality gaming experience.