From Panic-Alleviating Games to Ephemeral App-Install Campaigns

 - May 28, 2016
The top May 2016 mobile gaming ideas showcases a number of innovation regarding general user experience and interactive games as a marketing tool.

New Zealand's Auckland Council and Pedigree recently teamed up with Colenso BBDO to create an educational gaming app about canine safety. Designed for young children, the game takes users through a series of eight lessons that instruct kids on everything from how to behave around puppies to how to properly feed them throughout the day.

The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood mobile gaming app recently incorporated a direct link to fashion e-commerce website Spring that allowed users to purchase real clothing that matched their character's in the game. The unique innovation currently sees 12 brands sold through the site's dedicated Kim Kardashian: Hollywood store with plans to add many more.