This Super Mario-Themed Mural Was Made Using Thousands of Post-it Notes

Mario is nothing new to the video game and pop culture realm. Since his creation in 1983, Mario has kept himself very busy -- from saving the princess, racing and even throwing a party for him and his friends (and sometimes enemies). Mario has jumped between multiple games on multiple game consoles so it's no wonder there's a full day dedicated to him!

March 10th was National Mario Day and people celebrated in many different ways. Wholesale Halloween Costumes used nothing but Post-it notes to recreate the pixelated background fans of the original Super Mario games would feel nostalgia over. Once a wall, they mapped out pipes, clouds, bushes and other iconic Mario objects.

They suited up as some of the fan favorite characters and created a mural in Mario's honor that stretched across the wall (16' x 9' for anyone who's curious). The mural was in true 8-bit fashion using Post-its!