From VR Gaming Thrones to Wooden IoT Toys

 - Apr 24, 2016
The most popular April 2016 game ideas reveal innovation that's happening within game formats, peripherals and platforms.

Some of the most intriguing new gaming releases are taking full advantage of virtual reality, using it to shrink players down to microscopic sizes, transport them to prehistoric times and even beyond the world of entertainment, reduce physical pain. 'Trials on Tatooine' is one forward-thinking example that's looking at the crossroads of cinema and gaming with an all-new entertainment hybrid.

To make the most of interactions that can happen in these environments, developers are creating full-on gaming suits, gloves and VR chairs that go above and beyond the immersion a headset can offer. Players are also tapping into unusual playing experiences, such as tongue-controlled games and gaming consoles that now permit cross-platform play.