The 'TinderBox' Gaming System Allows Local Games to be Played

There are numerous video games on the market that will never see the light of day, but the 'TinderBox' Gaming System looks to make this a notion of the past. Allowing for new video games to be uploaded, the 'TinderBox' is designed to be used in bars and cafes to highlight local design talent.

The 'TinderBox' video game cabinet can either be purchased or rented and allows shopkeepers to have a number of paid titles on the console as well.

The 'TinderBox' Gaming System is crafted in Portland, Oregon and is intended to bring games from local artisans to life. Being that the games the 'TinderBox' will run will likely not be found anywhere else, it'll likely make for a great addition to a plethora of bars and cafes.