The Viva Ex Vivo Game Requires You To Navigate Microscopic Threats

 - Mar 2, 2016
References: & engadget
The video game world is full of exploration games in which you have to navigate challenging and hazardous terrain whilst fighting foes, navigating threats and conquering territory. But what's unique about Viva Ex Vivo is that it requires you to navigate microscopic universes such as a tissue sample or a glop of mud.

In effect, this is an exploration game that requires a mastery of biology principles. As you play the game, your fate rests on your ability to identify organic particles, whilst things like immune systems and micro-organisms suddenly represent huge threats. The game is capable of generating mini ecosystems, requiring you to adapt your gameplay all the time.

This is a truly magnificent exploration game that is designed for the intelligent gamer, and is as fun to play as it is mentally stimulating.