This Company is Making a VR City That Transcends Geographical Barriers

 - Mar 28, 2016
References: timefirevr & vrguru
Arizona-based startup 'Timefire VR,' recently announced that it will be releasing the world's most advanced VR city. While VR technology has many different uses, this project aims to provide cultural and educational experiences that transcend geographic and economic barriers.

The new VR city from Timefire VR will be called 'Hypatia' and it will be an immersive social environment fuelled by collaboration and individual creativity. The virtual city will consist of more than 70 miles worth of streets lined with houses, museums, concert halls and other attractions. Those who access the city will be able to choose from a number of different immersive experiences that allow them to interact with other users from all over the globe.

By bringing people together in a more interactive way, Hypatia represents a new frontier for VR gaming.