'Deseat.me' Automatically Pulls Up the Deletion Links for Users' Accounts

 - Nov 25, 2016
References: deseat.me & thenextweb
'Deseat.me' is an online service that solves a uniquely digital problem. With consumers interacting with so many different websites to purchase products or use services, it isn't uncommon for a single person to have dozens of active accounts (even if they haven't used them in years.) Deseat.me makes it easy to clean up all these digital remnants.

By logging into one's Google account through Deseat.me, the site will automatically bring up a list of all the sites that the user has an account for (assuming that account is linked through a Google service like Gmail.) It then gives users the option to either keep or delete the account in question, so someone using Deseat.me doesn't need to worry about accidentally deleting a vital service.