The New Strap-on Jetts Turn Any Pair of Shoes into Rolling Footwear

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: razor & toyland.gizmodo
The new strap-on Jetts allow any individual to transform their shoes into rolling footwear. While the concept of shoes with wheels is nothing new, these kinds of specialty sneakers are largely designed for children. Now there is an adult version of the shoes for those who would rather glide than walk.

The new strap-on Jetts from Razor allow users to transform ordinary sneakers into a pair of roller skate-style shoes. To set up the wheels, users simply have to pull the attached strap to ensure a tight fit. The device works with nearly any pair of shoes and can support any adult weighing less than 176 pounds. The heeled wheels are even equipped with the ability to shoot sparks out of the back when turned at the right angle.

With a growing demand for alternative forms of transportation, the heeled wheels provide a fun way for consumers to get from one destination to the next.