- Mar 18, 2016
These March 2016 fashion trends range from VR fashion shows to body inclusivity ad campaigns that promote realistic beauty ideals. While examples like Lane Bryant's 'This Body' campaign profile realistic models with more than one plus-sized shape, the Chubstr fashion blog celebrates style for the plus-sized male while addressing that women aren't the only ones pressured by society to be thin.

This month's other notable innovations include couture emoji apps like Versace's latest tech offering that lets fans customize selfies with fashion-forward stickers. Additionally, examples like chromatic LED sneakers incorporate technology in a design that also borrows from 90s nostalgia.

Other March 2016 fashion trends include living jewelry pieces like foraged forest broaches, planter necklaces and accessory lines that consist of plantable succulents.

From VR Fashion Shows to Body Inclusivity Ad Campaigns: