The Chris Habana My Enemy Campaign was Shot by Daniel Bolliger

 - Feb 10, 2016
Artistic and colorful, edgy and urban, the Chris Habana My Enemy ad campaign showcases the latest jewelry collection in a very youthful way. It's hard not to think of subculture innuendos and next generation energy when gazing at the images making up with campaign. Starring both a male and female model, both adopt stoic expressions, brightly dyed hair and the contemporary jewelry designs to stand out from the crowd.

Shot by Daniel Bolliger, a photographer based in New York City, the Chris Habana My Enemy ad campaign appeared in The Snobette and Bullett Magazine. The singular looks were perfected by makeup artist Michael Anthony Afuola, hair stylist Gonn Kinoshita and manicurist Jessica Tong. There's a bit of a tribal element to the looks as well.