This Smart Dartboard Can Be Played by People Around the World

 - Dec 29, 2015
References: darts-connect & kickstarter
'Darts Connect' is a smart dartboard that can be played by anyone in the world. Darts is a popular game that is enjoyed by people in many different countries. This interactive dartboard brings the darts community together with a game that can be accessed nearly anywhere.

Darts Connect is the world's first smart dartboard that is compatible with smartphones and tablets. The system consists of two parts, which help to facilitate interactive games with players all over the world. The dartboard itself is equipped with a built-in camera that observes the shots taken by each player. The second component is the social online platform that can be accessed via the accompanying app. This platform allows users to choose different games and set up matches with various opponents. As a result, users can play with friends or people on the other side of the world.

Darts Connect demonstrates how technology can be used to make gaming a more interactive and social activity.