The 3DRudder VR Edition R5 Blends Technologies at CES 2016

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: 3drudder & gizmag
Gaming enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting for virtual reality to permeate the mainstream video game market, which is something the 3DRudder VR Edition R5 looks to do in a different way.

Designed as a stationary alternative to virtual reality treadmills and platforms, the 3DRudder VR Edition R5 allows gamers to sit in one spot but still experience immerse gaming simulations. The device uses pressure-sensitive sensors to allow users to navigate their virtual surroundings without worrying about having to stand up and physically walk around the room.

Although the 3DRudder VR Edition R5 might not allow for users to physically walk around their virtual video game, it offers a lot of mainstream potential by allowing users to not require extensively large clear spaces to play.