The Sensorwake Digital Clock Wakes Consumers Up with the Smell of Breakfast

 - Jan 13, 2016
References: sensorwake & foodiggity
Getting out of bed can be a challenging morning task for many consumers, making the Sensorwake digital clock design an ideal solution. This alarm clock creatively uses sensory and smell to entice consumers out of bed with the aroma of their favorite breakfast foods such as coffee, croissants and even chocolate.

While sound can be an effective way to jolt consumers out of bed, it offers a rather blunt and abrupt solution whereas the scent of food is a much more peaceful and enticing way to lure someone from their bed. The Sensorwake can be programmed to give off a variety of food scents using cartridges that fit inside the alarm clock. The scents come in a variety of flavors including sweet and savory foods for different personal preferences.