The Philips PowerPotion DLP3003 Lets You Juice Gadgets On the Go

 - Jan 26, 2016
References: & gizmodo
The Philips PowerPotion DLP3003 is a nifty portable charger that makes simple changes to conventional charger design, to spectacular effect.

After all, who said that portable chargers have to be rectangular? It's one of those design approaches that has been accepted without question, but not by Philips. The PowerPotion DLP3003 is designed like a water bottle and trades in sharp corners for curves, for maximum comfort when nestled in your pocket.

This portable charger is powered by a 3,000 mAh battery that lets you charge your gadgets on the go. It is fitted with a built-in Lightning cable and a microUSB port, which give you a good degree of versatility.

Ultimately, this portable charger is a victory for thoughtful design -- its curved, roundish shape is perfect for comfortable use on the go.