From Safety Alarm Bracelets to Female-Targeted Tech Bags

 - Jan 12, 2016
These CES 2016 wearable devices were innovative and exciting for both fashion designers and tech geeks alike. From jewelry and clothing to tech-focused bags, the products had many functions and various styles, catering to different demographics' needs and interests.

Many of the products were catered to women, with the elegant Mira Vivid Wellness bracelet, the chic Misfit Ray health tracker and Wisewear's safety alarm disguised as a gold bangle. It was clear that tech designers were more concerned with creating stylish and functional products that women would be proud to wear.

Catering to a wider audience, Haier's customizable age-specific smartwatches were revealed -- one line targeted to elementary school children and the other to the elderly. For children, the watches have a built-in microphone allowing parents to communicate with them at any time, while for seniors an SOS button is placed conveniently on the side.