From All-in-One Device Docks to Smartwatch Wristband Chargers

 - Jan 10, 2016
These Apple Watch chargers range from portable devices to multifaceted docks. Whether the gadget is made for in the office or on the road, these chargers are all made to power up the popular smartwatch.

Native Union's Marble Watch Dock fuses functionality and style with its charging gadget while the brand's Smartwatch Dock is a rotating charger that features minimal style. When USB plugs and outlets are being compromised, charging wristbands such as the PRIME battery strap and the CharSpace offer on-the-go power while also securing the smartwatch to the wearer's wrist.

Dual-action devices also make popular Apple Watch Chargers. While the Hard Graft dock powers up multiple devices on a sleek leather pad, the Konsait Multi-Device Dock is a bedside charger than can hold an Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.