At CES 2016, Marathon Laundry is Showcasing a Machine That Washes & Dries

 - Jan 6, 2016
References: marathonlaundry & digitaltrends
The reason that clothing washers and dryers are two separate appliances is that they include different components that are suited to a single function in order to save time—but Marathon Laundry believes the process of washing clothes could be improved.

While there are hybrids of washing machines and dryers that do exist, these models tend to be ventless, meaning that the drying times are often extended. At CES 2016, Marathon Laundry is unveiling the 'Marathon,' a vented washer-dryer that is set to rival other machines on the market. In addition to being able to handle a large capacity, the machine also saves the space required for a separate home appliance.

Beyond its two-in-one form, the machine is also admirable for its high-tech features. Marathon has a touchscreen and can be connected to Wi-Fi. With enough use, it even begins to pick up on a user's habits in order to remember preferred settings.