From Outdoor Smart Bulbs to Waved Bed Designs

 - Feb 28, 2016
Next-generation homes, smart appliances and unconventional decor materials are a few of the themes that are explored in the top February 2016 home ideas.

The influence of the sharing economy is now playing a role in shaping innovative accommodations, especially when it comes imagining the future of living areas in tight spaces. This is exemplified by a new co-living building concept in New York called 'WeLive.'

As well as embracing grand visions for living areas as a whole, many forward-thinking ideas for the home play up objects with crossover functions. For example, there are now rugs that double as alarm clocks, hybrid washer-dryer machines, voice-activated light bulbs and showerheads that serve as water conservation meters.

In all, the top February 2016 home trends indicate that there is a demand for houses and the objects within them to be as efficient, streamlined and intuitive as ever.