This Revamped Farmhouse Features Whitewashed Stone and Glazed Tiles

Barcelona-based studio Arquitectura-G recently unveiled a revamped farmhouse that perfectly combines old materials with contemporary decor. While stone may seem like an antiquated building material, it does provide an element of old world charm that is hard to achieve with any other finish. This home demonstrates how exposed stone walls can be updated for the modern era.

The revamped farmhouse is located in Empordà, Spain, in a peaceful rural setting. The old farmhouse has been updated numerous times over the years, however the latest upgrades bring the home into the 21st century. To update the rustic interior, the arcitects introduced daylight and ventilation to each of the sealed off rooms. They then painted the old stones a bright white color and added glazed titles to illuminate the space. The resulting blend of old and new materials gives the home a labyrinthine-like character that perfectly complements the country setting.