From Rotating Solar Homes to Magic Carpet Chairs

 - Mar 25, 2016
After a long winter season, many of the March 2016 home ideas explore concepts like cleaning, regeneration and a return to the great outdoors.

With the arrival of spring on the horizon, designers are helping consumers bring some of the outdoors inside with beds made of grass and carpets that take after forest floors. In this same theme on a much larger scale, there are also architectural firms that are creating entire houses that are capable of rotating in order to make the most of natural light available during the daytime.

Knowing that the warmer weather will bring on spring cleaning and the ability for consumers to decorate their balconies once more, hyper-niche businesses are being created to target homeowners. For instance, Amsterdam's De Balkonie is a store that specializes in balcony plants and decor, while Clean Sleep parks uses its trucks as mobile mattress sanitizers.