This Fully Accessible Home Was Deisgned for the Mobility Impaired

Schwartz and Architecture recently designed a fully-accessible home that accommodates the mobility impaired. As baby boomers continue to age, there is a growing need for homes that are designed with mobility in mind. This home features a functional layout that can accommodate aging in-laws or anyone else who may have trouble accessing traditional homes.

The 'Overlook Guest House is located on a steep hillside overlooking California's Silicon Valley. The fully-accessible home smoothly transitions from the exterior to the living quarters with a courtyard that connects the garage and the home. Inside, guests can navigate the open-floor layout with ease due to its spacious design. To make the home feel even larger, there are floor to ceiling windows that provide an abundance of natural light.

The homey hillside retreat demonstrates the growing need for accessible homes to accommodate a rapidly aging population.