'Clean Sleep' Trucks Wash Mattresses, Plus Remove Stains and Odors

 - Feb 23, 2016
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'Clean Sleep' is a company that provides a convenient mattress-cleaning solution to homeowners who might otherwise toss a perfectly good mattress to the curb.

Mattresses are known to pick up dust mites, dander, dead skin cells and stains over time, even with the most regimented cleaning routines. When vacuuming, spot cleaning and deodorizing fails, there are few other ways to deal with a cumbersome mattress. However, Clean Sleep offers a professional way to clean mattresses that's extremely convenient to mattress owners.

Clean Sleep converts trucks into mobile mattress sanitization systems. To clean a mattress, a team can simply pull up to the curb beside a house, carry out the dirty mattress and place it inside the truck's machinery. From there, the mattress undergoes a five-step process that involves exposure to UV light, dry steaming, vacuuming, infrared heat and an ozone generator treatment.

An appointment costs about $120, which is a fraction of the cost one would pay for a brand new mattress.