The Sensor-1 House Security is Discrete in Size for Undetected Use

 - Feb 9, 2016
References: metasensor & mashable
The Sensor-1 house security device focuses on providing home owners with a discrete form of intruder protection that is virtually unnoticeable thanks to its conveniently small size. The motion-detecting pod is as small as a quarter and can conveniently be placed anywhere in the home to keep an eye on the space without being in the line of sight of others.

Home security products often have a contradictory design with a shape or size that gives away the functional purpose of the device. The Sensor-1 is small in both shape and size making it virtually unnoticeable to those that don't know it's in the space. It is able to track motion in a room as well as provide data and updates straight to a smartphone thanks to a conjoined app.