The Tsumiki Balancing Triangles are Playful Home Decor

In essence, the Tsumiki Balancing Triangles might be a toy -- refined for the adult, of course. But once formed into abstract or not-so-abstract shapes, they act as playful home decor that anyone could appreciate. This is especially the case since they would have had the pleasure of creating it themselves. Personal and personalized, the Tsumiki Balancing Triangles makes art more accessible and relatable.

Designed by Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates, the Tsumiki Balancing Triangles are made out of solid cedar wood from the Miyazaki prefecture. Not only does this material give the home a touch of nature -- it brings a pleasant scent with it as well. The Tsumiki Balancing Triangles are available in sets of seven, 13 and 22 depending on how elaborate people want to get with their sculptures.