A 'Life is Fantastic' Tea Towel is an Everyday Reminder to Be Grateful

It is magical to come across a piece like David Shrigley's 'Life is Fantastic,' only to rediscover it printed on a tea towel. The Scottish artist's work has found its way across the Europe and Australia in many forms, and in the case of this particular design, it's been blow up to the scale of an urban train station, and shrunk down here to the size of a cloth.

This resizing and relocation still effectively sends a daily message that life is not to be taken for granted. The digital print on pure linen is all the more fitting within the kitchen, given the whimsical pink ice cream that features prominently in the piece. Everybody should incorporate something small and uplifting like the 'Life is Fantastic' tea towel into their homes, serving as reminders to appreciate simple pleasures.