The Mojoptix Sundial Doesn't Use Any Electronics Or Moving Parts

 - Jan 23, 2016
References: mojoptix & gizmag
French group Mojoptix, a member of the digital design-sharing website and community Thingiverse, has invented an innovative digital sundial that works precisely and accurately and does not make use of moving parts or electronics of any kind.

This particular sundial is designed with numerous miniature slots that are placed at various angles. Depending on the angle at which sunlight bathes the top of the device, the sunlight infiltrates some of those slots. Depending on the combination of slots that are arranged relative to the sun, the pixels will work together to create a specific time display.

To set the digital sundial up, all you have to do is stick it on a weighted glass jar before making sure the device is facing north and adjusting the angle of the gnomon to compensate for your latitude.

You can even make your own digital sundial using the same design if you fancy, with Mojoptix making open-source DIY instructions available to anyone wanting to create their very own digital sundial.