These GMO Potatoes Have Been Engineered to Never Brown or Bruise

A commercial French-fry supplier called 'J.R. Simplot' has been developing GMO potatoes that will not brown or bruise. While GMOs remain a hotly contested subject in the food industry, many companies still see them as a way to improve our existing food supply. Now consumers will be able to enjoy genetically engineered potatoes that are unmarked by bruises or browning.

The GMO potatoes developed by J.R. Simplot are called Innate potatoes because they contain 100 percent potato DNA. Unlike regular potatoes, the Innate version will not bruise or brown. In addition, the Innate version does not contain acrylamide, which is a potentially cancerous chemical that is activated when a regular potato is fried or baked.

Although some may still be skeptical, the new potatoes just received FDA approval, which has determined that the Innate version is "as safe as any other potato on the market."