The 'Oxxiom' Pulse Oximeter from True Wearables is Hygienic

 - Jan 14, 2016
References: truewearables & damngeeky
The medical industry is constantly on the lookout for products such as the 'Oxxiom' Pulse Oximeter that help to not only increase the level of hygiene possible, but also provide more comprehensive data. Working like a traditional oximeter, the 'Oxxiom' from True Wearables is affixed to the fingertip with a light adhesion. The device then wirelessly connects to readers that keep constant track of the readings.

Being that the True Wearables 'Oxxiom' is disposable, it enables healthcare workers to worry less about having to constantly sterilize equipment. As concerns about hygiene in the healthcare industry become more apparent for consumers, the 'Oxxiom' is an innovative approach to making necessary equipment cleaner and more user-focused.

The 'Oxxiom' can be purchased in a pack of two for $129 and comes with six adhesive patches.