Tutor App GotIt! is an Inexpensive Solution for Math and Science Advice

 - Jan 20, 2016
References: gotitapp.co & springwise
This tutor app is a quick mobile solution for homework help. The GotIt! app connects students with qualified tutors with vetted and tested knowledge in difficult math and science subjects. This reduces stress for children and gives parents quick access to tutoring exactly when it's needed.

To use the on-demand tutor app, users take and upload a picture of the stumping question. Within seconds, they receive help through a live chat feature where the problem will be explained step by step in a 10 minute session. The speedy study app gives one-on-one expert advice in a variety of math streams plus chemistry for just a small fee. In the future physics help will also be available.

By crowdsourcing knowledge-sets when parents are out of their depths, GotIt! ensures kids don't fall behind in STEM subjects.