From Conversational Smart Toys to Kids Crossfit Equipment

 - Feb 28, 2016
The February 2016 youth trends reveal that there is a growing demand for products that engage the mind and the body. Beyond making sure that kids are learning foundational skills, there is also an effort to make sure that children develop healthy lifestyle habits. With products ranging from conversational smart toys to kids crossfit equipment, there is something for every child.

In terms of educational products, there is a continued demand for products that teach coding and robotics. These toys are designed to encourage children, particularly young girls, to explore future careers in STEM fields. These kinds of toys include LEGO-based robotics kits, IOT play sets and smartphone-controlled modular robots.

Beyond educational toys, the February 2016 youth trends reveal a similar demand for products that promote athleticism and healthy lifestyle habits. One of the most interesting examples includes an athletic rope that is designed to get children excited about fitness. Another interesting example is a culinary board game that teaches kids about healthy eating habits.