This Mitsubishi Electric Technology Allows For Floating Aerial Displays

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: mitsubishielectric & gizmag
Mitsubishi Electric is developing futuristic aerial display technology that makes it possible to display images that literally hover in the air.

The process works by displaying an image on a screen that is located perpendicular to the viewer. A beam splitter is situated diagonal to the screen, and works to split the beam of light into two. The end result is that the two duplicate images reflect off a special sheet and converge in the air in front of the viewer, leading to the viewer perceiving a single, coherent image that simply hovers in the air in front of them.

The most obvious and striking application of this Mitsubishi Electric technology is advertising -- imagine walking down the street and coming across an aerial advertising display that appears to be floating in front of and around you! However, this aerial display system could also be used to revolutionize any practice that depends on visual media, and could be used to enhance high-budget concerts and sporting events.