The 'Cove' Water Filtration Unit Provides Fresh, Crisp H2O

 - Feb 20, 2016
References: drinkcove & thegadgetflow
Concerns over water scarcity and purity has many consumers seeking out water filtration units like the 'Cove' system. Designed to remove impurities including pharmaceuticals, chemicals and heavy metals found in tap water, the 'Cove' system filters water a cup at a time.

Many filtration systems on the market utilize simple filters that simply make water taste fresher without actually removing most of the impurities. As such, the 'Cove' water filtration unit is designed with a two-stage filtration system to ensure water is as good and clean as possible.

Packed with connected sensors, the 'Cove' water filter gives you access to water charts and measurements to ensure proper hydration. Those looking to get their hands on the 'Cove' can reserve a unit now to have it shipped when available.