This Inhaler is Designed to Provide Relief for Migraine Sufferers

 - Feb 2, 2016
References: optinose & businessinsider
The 'Onzetra Xsail' is a revolutionary device that may provide relief for millions of migraine sufferers. There are approximately 37 million Americans who suffer from migraines and a number of these individuals get them on a daily basis. But now there is a new device that could alleviate the suffering of these individuals.

The Onzetra Xsail is an inhaler that contains the prescription drug sumatriptan, which is currently used to treat migraines. Unlike the pills containing sumatriptan, the inhaler delivers 80 percent less medication. This is because oral treatments need to be absorbed through the stomach lining, while an inhaler can send medication directly into the bloodstream via the mucous membrane of the sinus cavity. As a result, using the inhaler can help migraine sufferers avoid the nausea that often comes from taking sumatriptan pills.

Although the Onzetra Xsail is still awaiting FDA approval, the new migraine inhaler could provide a viable alternative to oral migraine medication.