This Device Can Produce 3D-Printed Objects in Mere Minutes

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: newpro3d & fastcoexist
Canada’s 'NewPro 3-D' recently designed a device that can produce 3D-printed objects in minutes instead of hours. As of right now, many 3D printers takes hours or even days to complete complex objects. This can be problematic for companies that are using the technology to make time-sensitive products such as prosthetics for fast-growing children.

To solve the problem of lengthy wait times, NewPro 3-D has designed an ultra-fast 3D printer. The new device is similar to other printers in that it uses photopolymerization to produce 3D-printed objects. However, NewPro 3-D's device differs in that it features an Intelligent Liquid Interface that creates an extra layer of "transparent wettable membrane between the photo-curing resin and the light source." This allows the printer to run continuously instead of waiting for the blade to swipe across as it does in a regular 3D printer. As a result, the new device can print a 3D object in four and half minutes instead of 11.5 hours.

The technology not only makes 3D printing faster, but it could also make the technology more affordable.