The Maine State Library's Inventor's Challenge Program Promotes DIY Play

The Maine State Museum's Inventor's Challenge activity is set to help some of the more geeky families out there to have fun and learn cool stuff at the same time during the February school vacation week.

The program will see staff from the Maine State Library come in and help young families learn how to build a cellphone docking station using LEGO bricks, navigate a robot through an obstacle course using a tablet device and use littleBits pieces to craft together a flashlight or other device.

While technology has evolved and grown with each generation, there's no question that the explosion of every kind of technology in the past couple of decades has created the most prolific generation of geeks, tinkerers, hackers and DIY enthusiasts ever. It turns out that this generation of geeks is having children, and is keen to pass on the joys of mentally stimulating and inventive activities. The Maine State Museum's geeky family learning opportunities make this possible in a fun and welcoming environment.