These Stainless Steel Bicycles Were Welded Using a Robotic Arm

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: mx3d & gizmag
A group of students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have managed to create the world's very first stainless steel bicycle using innovative welding techniques that took advantage of 3D-printing technology.

The students worked in collaboration with Amsterdam-based company MX3D to create the bicycle, which is called the Arc bicycle. This bicycle weighs about the same as a traditionally constructed steel-framed bicycle, and despite its porous appearance, is more than capable of navigating rough and uneven cobblestone streets.

The 3D printer used was the Mataerial, which uses a special robotic arm to extrude resin onto vertical and horizontal services alike. The resin can then be curved and linked to create different shapes.

These stainless steel bicycles are innovative in design and construction, and the technique used to create them is promising in that it manages to integrate 3D-printing with bicycle design in an unprecedented manner.