This Version Of the Classic Cup and Ball Game Features Audio Instructions

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: moosetoys & toyland.gizmodo
The inventor of popular game Bop It, a memory game that requires you to recreate a specific pattern of actions, has modernized and reimagined the classic cup and ball game and made it a little bit more fun and playful.

The name of the reinvented game is 'Hyper Toss'. Rather than require you to catch a tethered ball in a wooden cup, the Hyper Toss game features three different cups and a hacky sack-style ball. Players have to follow a set of audio instructions, throw the ball, and then catch the ball in one of the three colored cups -- depending on which color is called out in the audio instructions. The game even features different game modes including a speed challenge.

Some games are truly timeless and the cup and ball game is certainly one of them, but this version expands on the game without taking away its essence.