From Gamified Yoga Mats to Kids Crossfit Equipment

 - May 30, 2016
As more parents become concerned about keeping their children active, there is a growing demand for physically driven toys that combine fun and games with health and fitness.

One of the innovative ways that toy companies are adding a physical component to their products is through the use of new technology. For example, there are now trampolines that are equipped with tablets to give the equipment a fitness-focused twist. Another example is the Lumo Play system, which uses a projector to turn any room into an interactive interface.

Beyond experimenting with new technology, many toy companies are also promoting health and fitness by introducing children to unconventional activities. In other words, instead of games designed around conventional sports such as basketball and soccer, there are a number of physically driven toys that give children a chance to try other fitness-focused activities. These kinds of products include gamified yoga mats for amateur yogis, feminine archery sets for pint-sized target practice and kids crossfit equipment for all-around athletes.