Michał Kulesza Recreates Popular Food Items out of LEGO Pieces

 - Feb 6, 2016
References: trzyzmiany & foodiggity
Creative Michał Kulesza plays with the viewer's eye in his series of art pieces that creatively recreate popular food items using LEGO building blocks. The foods are products such as butter, sauces, meals and desserts that each have one element replaced with the tiny LEGO pieces. The overall illustrations are somewhat of an optical illusion as the viewer has to do a double take to notice which part of the food is inedible.

LEGO blocks are ideal to use to recreate food items since they can be shaped in a variety of configurations. Kulesza's scenes capture classic meals such as fried eggs, donuts and sushi with elements replicated with the tiny colored bricks. For example, the donuts are made with real flaky pastry and sugar, but stuffed with red LEGO that looks like jam.