From Ghoulish Snapchat Filters to Honorary LEGO Kits

 - Jul 12, 2016
The Ghostbusters remake has seen its share of innovative promotional tactics in recent dates.

The 1984 film reinterpretation which is set for release starring an almost all-female cast of comedians has generated excitement across a global scale as a result, likely to make the Ghostbusters remake a hit in the box office. Word of the franchise's efforts have been spread through a variety of creative means.

This includes in a Lyft campaign that granted American ride sharers the chance to travel cost-free in the iconic Ecto-1 and a gooey revamped lava lamp. Other efforts involved a ghost-themed menu that makes use of an eerie charcoal bun and slimy milkshake, as well as a celebratory clothing line that was designed by Nas. With the success of these products and events, it's clear that the Ghostbusters fan base remains strong.