This Votive is Designed to Look Like the Ghostbusters Villian

 - Jan 20, 2016
References: firebox & dudeiwantthat
In honor of the release of the upcoming Ghostbusters film remake, Firebox has created a candle design that honors one of the most popular Ghostbusters villains. The votive is decorated to look like the marshmallow character Stay Puft made entirely from wax. As the candle melts away, so does the dessert character.

The Marshmallow Man Candle is an exact miniature replica of the gigantic marshmallow villain seen terrorizing streets and civilians in the retro Ghostbusters films. The candle recreates the character entirely out of wax with details such as his sailor costume recreated using colored wax and careful carving. As the candle is lit and begins to melt, so does the marshmallow character until there is nothing left at all.