'snu:mee' is an Infant Monitor, Music Box and Mp3 Player

 - Feb 12, 2016
References: indiegogo & snumee
'snu:mee' is a one-of-a-kind infant monitor that's designed to grow with a child on many stages of their development. For newborns, the disk-shaped device serves as a baby monitor that can be slipped into a soft playful sleeve in the shape of a friendly character. When a child grows into a toddler, they are the perfect age to make the most of snu:mee's capabilities as a music box. In this mode, kids can tune into lullabies loaded onto the device or recorded songs and voices.

The last function of the multipurpose device is a MP3 player, which is ideal for tuning into slightly more grown-up music and audiobooks. As an MP3 player, the device is compatible with headphones or speakers.

For more enhanced controls throughout all of these modes, snu:mee also operates alongside a smartphone app.