This Vincent Van Gogh Plushy Comes with a Removable Ear

 - Mar 1, 2016
References: amazon & ohgizmo
Celebrated artist Vincent Van Gogh is commemorated in this artist doll design that creatively captures the painter in true form with a removable ear that can come undone at will. The tongue-in-cheek toy creatively captures the artist and his eccentric ways by allowing children to play with a toy version of the artist that is atomically accurate.

While Van Gogh is well-known for his swirled painting style, he is also commemorated for his eccentric personality and bizarre lifestyle. In particular, the artist cutting off his own ear is one of is most notable moments. This act of mutilation is captured in this plush doll of the artist, that comes with a removable toy ear. Other noteworthy similarities include wild red hair and an artist painting cloak.